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If the air is still and cold enough, wisps of “smoke” will appear, which is actually water vapor that forms when really cold air moves over relatively warmer water. The “warmer” water below generally sits at a frigid 33-35 degrees. When the water vapor rises, the cold air above can only hold so much moisture which forces the water to condense into a fog. The fog then rises like smoke from the lake’s surface. The term fog is somewhat ironic when describing the “Sea Smoke” as fog occurs when warm air moves over cold water. On some days, when the smoke is paired with a heavy dose of cold wind from the north, “Steam Devils” may form, which are tornado-esk looking rising clouds. 


My prints are printed on high-quality paper, ensuring that the magical colours of the Northern Lights are preserved. Whether you're looking for a special gift or a beautiful addition to your home, our Northern Lights prints are the perfect choice.

Sea Smoke Lighthouses

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  • Prints are printed on high quality paper that will showcase the prints with vibrancy and detail for many years.  Prints are also available in canvas or metal prints. Please contact me for pricing. 

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