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2023-Dec Duluth Community Education Front Cover

2023-Nov Pine Knot Front Page

2023-Feb Pine Knot Front Page

2022-March Lake Superior Magazine

2022-Burnett County Tour Guide

2022-Feb Pine Knot Front Page

2021-Decc Photographer Highlight

2021- Dec Pine Knot Front Page

2021- Feb Pine Knot Front Page


2023-Duluth-Superior Camera Club

2021-Duluth-Superior Camera Club

2020-Virtual Duluth-Superior Camera Club

2019 Feb-Frozen Photographers

2018 Nov- Aurora Summit

2018 Feb -Frozen Photographers

2017 Feb-Frozen Photographers

Club Affiliations and Positions Held

2023-Current Treasurer Duluth-Superior Camera Club

2021-2023 Vice President Duluth-Superior Camera Club

2018-2020  President Duluth-Superior Camera Club

2015-Current  Frozen Photographers Admin

2023-Minnesota Newspaper Association 1st Place Front Feature Photo
2023-Minnesota Newspaper Association 1st Place Sports Photo
2023- Destination Duluth Top Photographer 1.02 Million Views
2022-Destination Duluth 294,000 Views
2020-Minnesota Newspaper Association 2nd Place Sports Photo 
2020-PSA Best of the Day
2020-N4C 3rd Place Best of the Best


I have been interested in photography since I was a teenager. Over the years it has become a passion. One passion that I had always wanted to turn into a business but wasn't sure how or when to do it.  About 10 years ago, I became a member of a photography group on Facebook.  It has changed my whole perspective on photography. What was just a hobby has now become my new career.  It turns out that I was just waiting for the right moment.


In the beginning, I was mainly focused on landscape/wildlife photography. I love being out in nature and surrounded by the beauty that it provides.  After I joined the FB group, I found a new aspect of photography called Light Painting.  I fell in love with it instantly!  Check out my night photography for examples. 


At this time my kids started to grow up and I started to document their lives, from soccer games, band concerts, to the horse shows. I covered it all.  This led me to numerus friends and family wanting me to do portraits, senor, and wedding photography.  I have to say it certainly rounded out my experience with all aspects that a camera can give you. For the last 5 years I have spent considerable time shooting as a freelance photographer for events, local newspapers, organization, and sports. 

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