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The barred owl, also known as the northern barred owl, striped owl or, more informally, hoot owl or eight-hooter owl, is a North American large species of owl. A member of the true owl family, Strigidae, they belong to the genus Strix, which is also the origin of the family's name under Linnaean taxonomy.


Capture the elusive beauty of the Barred Owl with this stunning print. The intricate details of its feathers and piercing yellow eyes are expertly captured in this high-quality photograph. Hang this print in your home or office to add a touch of nature's majesty to your décor. Printed on premium paper with fade-resistant ink, this print will last for years to come. Bring the magic of the wild into your space with the Barred Owl print. 

Barred Owl

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  • Prints are printed on high quality paper that will showcase the prints with vibrancy and detail for many years.  Prints are also available in canvas or metal prints. Please contact me for pricing. 

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